My Aesthetics Journey with 1Aesthetics Medical and Surgery - Laser Toning Session #1

Hello everyone!

It's been quite some time since my last post! Despite that, I'm thankful for everyone who has been checking out this blog regularly on a regular basis cuz we've just hit 3mil views :D

Anyway, I'm here today to share with you guys on a procedure I've done with 1 Aesthetics Medical and Surgery!

My skin has been pretty good this year, minus the occasional breakouts here and there, my main primary concern has always been my acne scars. I started having a eeny tiny fear of lasers in Singapore because of my prior experience with certain aesthetics clinic in SG, which not only proved to be ineffective with their acne scar treatments, but also caused my skin to breakout. Oh, and I paid for those laser sessions so I definitely felt the pinch in my pocket as it came out from my savings. So I feel all of you who're going thru acne/acne scarring just like me! (fyi i spent more than 10k on aesthetics lasers/skincare/facials over the past 5years alone T_T)

Other than that,there was a deep scarring on my cheek due to an accident at adventure cove, I shan't repeat what happened as I've mentioned it numerous times on my instagram hahahaha, but yeah. Other than that, I experienced a minor breakout from using an incompatible mask the other day, but other than that, my skin was rather tame.

Okay, now that i'm done touching up on my skin condition, I would like to continue on my post on 1 Aesthetics Medical and Surgery.

Basically what happened was that Geraldine from 1 Aesthetics contacted me for a collaboration via email some time back, and I was ESTHETIC (get it? hahaha) to be able to collaborate with them as I've browsed through their facebook prior and their Doctor seemed really experienced and professional too!

I paid them a visit at west gate for a consultation
3 Gateway Drive, #03-21, 608532

The clinic is conveniently located just beside the escalator of level 3 so you can't miss it! 

The numerous certs and qualifications the doc has!

After filling up the forms, I was directed to Dr Wan's office where I was given a thorough assessment of my current skin condition and I told Dr Wan my current aesthetics woes. 

He suggested the following procedures:

1) Forehead botox - To help fill out the forehead wrinkles and lines that have started to form over time. I've realized that I've this condition for some time but never really paid attention to it until recently ): Guess it has became rather apparent.

2) Chin fillers/botox - I have personally requested for this as I've been experiencing bruxism ever since the removal of my braces (weird, right!?). Also because I tried out meitu camera the other time and realized that I would actually look better with a slightly sharper chin. So I decided to ask Dr Wan and clarify if I was suitable.

3) Acne Scar lasers - which like i've mentioned previously, was my primary concern.

Dr wan has been really friendly and understanding of my needs and aesthetic woes, he listens and suggests procedures that would help me and i'm really grateful ;)

I'll be undergoing these procedures on a later date and will be blogging more about it ! But as of now...

I underwent a laser toning session to help out with my unwanted brown spots, sun freckles, age spots and melasma. It's really effective in helping to rejuvenate and revitalize my skin, especially since it's been especially some minor breakouts here and there recently. The laser toning session was done also bcuz Dr Wan wanted to test out how my face would react to the lasers (cuz I was afraid of the potential breakouts caused by previous lasers) and he did not want the same thing to happen to me again :))) really thankful for such an understanding and caring doc.

Laser Toning (Q-Switched Nd-Yag)
- I was prepped and a gentle cleanser was used to remove any debris and dirt from my face. The q-switch laser was then done by Dr Wan alongside their cyrofreeze machine, which blows cold air onto the laser focused spots to help cool and soothe the skin at the same time.

I don't know about you, but this has to be the most comfortable laser session i've ever experienced in my whole life. I LOVEEEEEE the cyrofreeze machine. I couldn't feel any pain at all (no numbing cream applied) thanks to the cooling sensation provided by the cyrofreeze machine. I remember telling geraldine how much I love it because it reminds me of the cold winds of Seoul during winter x)

The laser was done on my whole face and focused on my problematic spots.

Their q-switch laser session comes with IPL, which helps in hair removal, acne treatment, skin rejuvenation and in the treatment of hyper pigmentation (YES) and fine veins. I've no pictures of the procedure/machine but like the q-switch, there was 0 pain. Just a small prickish sensation here and there

A soothing mask was applied to my face immediately after the treatment

This photo was taken when I reached home! The redness on my skin has really diminished and my skin is looking a lot better!

Skin noticeably glowy, feels and looks more refreshed and the redness of my acne has been drastically reduced!

I personally can't wait to try out the other procedures with 1 Aesthetics Medical and Surgery for my first experience with them was an extremely pleasant one. I felt 0 pressure/pain from the procedures so far and the staff/dr has been nothing but friendly, nice and professional. Making me feel as though i'm at home during the procedure hahahaha!

Address: West Gate, 3-21 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive
To make an appointment, please call +65 6612 5173 

Visit 1 Aesthetics medical and surgery website or follow them on Instagram @1aestheticsms and their facebook page at

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